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Slovenia is a country of four seasons which are very distinctive among one another. Each season is like a different painting and offers the visitors of Lake Bled a different story. Autumn is a beautiful fairytale of the warm shades of yellow, brown, red and purple colours that reflect on the calm lake surface. Peace is in nature and peace is in people. The landscape is breath taking and photogenic.

Many people spot Lake Bled on the internet and think it is too beautiful to be real and are a little sceptical about what they see on pictures. But as we were told by many guests, Bled is genuinely a place that meets or even exceeds the expectation so it does live up to all the stunning hype!



A walk around Lake Bled will indulge you with exceptional views of the lake from various perspectives and of the abundance of autumn colours. It will take about an hour and a half, or more if you stop to take photos of this magnificent environment.


Rent a boat or let a local “pletna” boatman take you to the island Bled, which is the only natural island in Slovenia. Ring the wishing bell and climb to the bell tower, where every 15 minutes you can observe the mechanical oscillation clock in action.


Explore Bled Castle and admire the magnificent view of Lake Bled and the island. The castle features a museum that presents the history of the area and the castle itself. You can make a print of the memorial document like in the past and fill your own bottle of Slovenian wine. Get some refreshment at the local restaurant and enjoy your cup of coffee with a breath-taking view.


A carriage ride around the lake or a visit to Bled's surrounding villages on a horse carriage is also a unique experience. The horse-drawn carriage drivers will take you to various places with great pleasure.


Spending some time in Wellness and Spa areas is a perfect activity to recharge your mind, body and soul. Bled offer various exceptional SPA-s with saunas, pools, massage and cosmetic services. It is time to reward yourself, isn’t it?


A beautiful autumn is also the perfect time for hiking. The hills Ojstrica, and Mala and Velika Osojnica along Lake Bled offer a spectacular view of the lake. The frequent natural phenomenon inn autumn is a rising mist above the surface of LAKE bled. If you are lucky, you will get to see one. There are plenty of higher hikes in the area as well.


Cycling is a perfect autumn activity - the temperatures are pleasurable and the landscapes are beautiful. You will be able to cycle all the way around Lake Bled and if you are interested to explore some villages around Bled a bike is a perfect vehicle for you. The villages abound in traditional house architecture and farms, and you will frequently meet locals who like to spend their free time in their gardens or walking in the countryside surrounding the villages. Or you will meet them in local inns, where they get together.


If the weather conditions are favourable, you can also visit the spectacular creation of nature – the Vintgar gorge. Just a glimpse from Lake Bled, the clear Radovna River, with the source below Mt Triglav, runs through the narrow gorge and the people in Bled also drink its water!


Autumn is the perfect season for various sports activities in nature. But most of them depend on the weather and temperatures. Summer sledding, rafting, canyoning, riding, hot air ballooning, kayaking, stand-up paddling, diving and other water sports, tennis, beach volleyball are possible until mid-October. You can also play mini golf until the end of October at the oldest mini golf course in Slovenia or you can play golf at the Royal Bled Golf course. Recreational ice-skating is possible from mid-October at Bled Sports Hall. Zip line and sport climbing are available in nice weather throughout autumn.


Bled cream cake is something that you must try while visiting Bled. It is one of Bled's symbols. You can try it at several places around Lake Bled. You can also taste Bled cheese which is available in some selected restaurants or grocery stores.

There are also other local dishes you cannot miss. Traditional Slovenian dishes include various stews, Carniolan sausage with sauerkraut, buckwheat dough pockets (ajdovi krapi), buckwheat žganci and roast potatoes. To spoil your taste buds, try one of many desserts: Bled cream cake, Blejska grmada or štruklji. Don't forget to try a glass of Slovenian wine or a glass of schnapps (honey brandy, blueberry schnapps or spruce schnapps).

We hope to welcome you in Bled soon!

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