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Exquisite & unique Experiences in Bled

Discover Bled through some of the most unique and exquisite experiences and make your visit to this scenic alpine resort simply unforgettable.

Slovenia’s most famous attraction

The beauty of Lake Bled and the panoramic views of its surroundings have attracted visitors from all over the world. A very special guest, who eventually ended up staying in Bled for 52 years, was the famous Swiss naturopath Arnold Rikli. He was notable for his natural healing regimens and for his role in making Bled celebrated for health tourism.

The town started to gain fame as a prime tourist destination and housed some of the most prominent figures of the 20th century like the best-selling author of all time Agatha Christie and the renowned American playwright Arthur Miller.

If you take a stroll by the lake you cannot miss a beautiful palatial villa, named Vila Bled, located in a prime spot and surrounded by a luscious park. The estate once served as the summer residence of the Yugoslavian King Alexander and later of Marshall Tito. Today Vila Bled is the synonym for top cuisine that its visitors can enjoy with spectacular views overlooking Bled Island.

To enrich your holidays in Slovenia in this alpine paradise and get a true sense of the place with a little more privacy, you can book your stay at the renowned Villa Adora. In this old historical villa converted to a luxury design hotel you will be able to experience Bled in all of its glory, as the hotel is located just on the shore of Lake Bled. Set in a calm environment and surrounded by nature, it is one of those places that are very hard to say goodbye to.

Things you cannot miss while staying in Bled

VISIT THE BLED CASTLE An ancient folk tale says that Lake Bled was created by fairies and judging by the magical appearance we see it as a real possibility. But if you want to hear more about the town’s history and its famous traditions you simply have to visit Bled castle. It is the oldest castle in Slovenia and offers spectacular views of Bled Island, the only island in the entire country.

TAKE A SCENIC BOAT RIDE TO THE ISLAND You can reach the island with a ride on the traditional Pletna boat, which offers an authentic experience and amazing views on the way. Once you reach the island, you can conquer the 99 stairs to the historical Church of the Mother of God and ring the wishing bell. You can also visit the specialized bakery called Potičnica and try the famous Slovenian bread cake Potica.

DISCOVER THE NATURAL BEAUTY OF VINTGAR GORGE If you want to experience the magical powers of the pristine rivers flowing from the mighty Julian Alps, you have to visit the Vintgar Gorge. A 1600m wooden walkway will take you through the eastern part of Triglav National Park, where you will be able to admire the many rapids and pools of crystal clear water, before reaching the Šum Waterfall, the highest river waterfall in Slovenia.

Best sights and activities around Bled

PUT ON YOUR HIKING SHOES One of the best ways to see Bled and all of its surroundings is to find a good viewpoint. With a moderate level of fitness, you can take a short hike to the hills of Ojstrica and Osojnica and enjoy the breathtaking views from the top.

DISCOVER THE SURROUNDINGS ON A BICYCLE The area of Bled is very convenient for cycling as there are roads and trails suited for everyone. With a bicycle, you can take a ride around the entire lake Bled or even discover the nearby villages where you can meet friendly and hospitable locals and admire the traditional architecture.


Radovljica is a medieval town close to Beld, known for its longstanding tradition of beekeeping and tasty chocolate. Stroll the old town, visit the Beekeeping museum and if you are visiting in April, visit the tasty Festival of Chocolate.

KAMEN AND STRMOL CASTLE You don’t need a time machine to see what Slovenia was like in the medieval times. You can just visit the Kamen Castle, home of the famous tournament knight Gašper Lambergar, or the Strmol Castle which is one of the oldest and best-preserved castles in Slovenia.

Experience the finest culinary delights in exquisite restaurants

If you want to excite your taste buds while overlooking the Bled Lake, then a visit to Restaurant Jezeršek located at Bled Castle is a must. It offers local and regional dishes, made in a modern and sophisticated way. You can also visit Restaurant 1906, with its wide variety of traditional dishes with a modern twist, and wine tastings in the hotel's private wine cellar, which guarantee to put everyone in a good mood. Treat yourself to a contemporary culinary experience of Slovenian food in the Michelin-starred restaurant Vila Podvin near Radovljica. And no matter what, your visit to Bled is not complete without trying the famous Bled Cream Cake, affectionately called “Kremšnita” in Slovenian.

What are you waiting for?

Know that you know that to do when visiting Bled you just have to book your stay and let the adventure of a lifetime begin. We are looking forward to welcoming you soon.

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