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The government has decided to ease restrictions for hospitality establishments as smaller hotels with up to 30 rooms will be allowed to reopen.

All guests must prove they are not infected with coronavirus, either by producing a

negative test (PCR or HAG not older than 48 hours), a vaccination certificate or proof of having recovered from Covid.

The exceptions are children under 15 holidaying with their parents or carers.

All accommodation facilities can also offer wellness services, such as swimming or sauna, yet only for their guests.

The terraces of some of the restaurants and bars are open. In some restaurants it is possible to pick up food in person or order home delivery.

Bled Castle, Bled Island and Vintgar Gorge are open. Some activities are possible.

Everyone should observe the safety and hygiene measures: safety distance (1,5m) to other people, disinfecting hands when entering public indoor areas, wearing masks in public indoor and outdoor (only when there is no safety distance) areas all the time.

More information can be found on National Institute of Public Health's website.

Rules on crossing the Slovenian border can be found on Ministry of the Interior's website.


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