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What our guests enjoy about Bled

Bled offers plenty of opportunities for unforgettable experience. After settling to our luxurious cozy rooms, guests of Adora like to visit unique destinations that Bled offers. Below is a list of these locations with brief description and images.

Bled Castle and island with their rich history are two must-visit spots. The castle offers an insight into medieval lifestyle, through portrayal of medieval events and a museum. In addition, guests may book a table and enjoy a dinner while surrounded with a breath-taking view over Bled and its surroundings. A visit costs 13 euros for an adult and 5 euros for a child. The castle is 25 minute walk or 10 minute drive from our hotel.

Bled Island is accessible from a number of locations on the coast of Bled’s lake. One of such spots is 5 minutes away from our hotel. It provides transport of twenty or more people to the island and costs from 16 to 20 euros per person. Guests may also rent a boat and reach the island on their own. Boat renting facility is in the vicinity of our hotel as well. A visit to the island is special because visitors may ring on a magical golden bell that makes their wishes come true.

Vintgar Gorge is for those who love to watch and relax by the beauties of our nature. The spot is centered around the flow of a pristine river, with natural waterfalls. It is a 10 minute drive from our hotel. A visit to Vintgar is an opportunity for an activity in nature as it offers a hiking trail journey above the river and magnificent waterfalls.

In addition we recommend, walking around the lake. The path around the lake provides fantastic views and is a great way to relax from daily stress. Guests also use it as a refresher from long drive to our hotel. It’s a great way to see Bled with it’s beauties. A lap takes an hour with distance of 5 kilometers.

Guests should consider Bled’s traditional desert called kremšnita (cream cake). It’s an indulgence that many natives in Bled love and recommend to the visitors. It’s offered in restaurants and bars around the lake, as well as on the island. Get the best kremšnita here.

Rooms in Adora offer views of both Bled Island and Castle. They are in great vicinity to Adora. The reception team at Adora is happy to provide more information about these places.

Article author: Isak Zvegelj

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